Space Flower Details
Space Flowers produce 36 beams of light in 3 rings that penetrate into the night sky. The rings revolve slowly clockwise and anticlockwise whilst also contracting and expanding, generating a pulsing effect that can be seen for miles around. The beams project at a maximum angle of about 30 degrees to the horizontal and scan sideways up to 120 degrees. With the 3 planes of movement and a light source of 3000 watts the Space Flower cannot fail to make your location the centre of attention.

Hire Rate only 200

The Space Flower has 3 movements:
The multiple individual beams of light slowly spin in a circular motion 
The angle of spread of the beams increases and decreases giving a pulsing effect 
The lamp head scans sideways up to 120 degrees on the base. 
The maximum tilt of the lamp section is approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal and is therefore best sited as high as possible, on the roof of a building is ideal, where it can best be seen and is less likely to affect and annoy neighbours. The Space Flower takes 2 or 3 minutes to reach full brightness and when turned off cannot be turned on again within 5 minutes.

The Space Flower has a power requirement of 13A single phase and can run from a standard household socket.

Hire Rate only 200

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