Stage Pyrotechnics

Product Launches, Corporate Conferences, Rock Bands and Theatrical Productions. All add impact with carefully chosen pyrotechnics to shock and surprise their audiences. We can create a stunning range of effects to enhance your presentation, grab your audiences attention, and leave them begging for more!

How much will it cost?

We can provide a range of Indoor and Stage Effects from as little as £ 1,000 + VAT As with a firework display, the content, impact and to a lesser extent the duration, depends upon the available budget. All of the effects we use are custom designed for safe use both Indoors and on Stage, for this reason, high quality Indoor effects are often more expensive than similar effects used in displays. By careful selection from our large range of effects and since each display is custom designed to suit your individual requirements, we can guarantee to provide the most spectacular Indoor & Stage Effects possible for your budget.

What will we get for our money?

We provide a complete package; including public liability display insurance of £5,000.000 all transport and labour costs are also included, so that there are no hidden extra’s or additional costs to allow for. All of our operators are fully trained and professional pyrotechnists. Specialist equipment and long experience enable us to keep each display as cost-effective as possible, and we guarantee to provide the maximum possible pyrotechnic content.

Site requirements

The area required varies a great deal and is dependant upon the effects used. With such a wide range to choose from, we are able to provide effects, which can safely be fired inside almost any location, from a hotel conference room to a major exhibition center.


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